Combine Excel Worksheets into One Excel Workbook

Working as a DF Analyst, a lot of my time is spent in spreadsheets searching and identifying various artefacts of note that are relevant to the investigation. I am often Googling for the same VB script to combine multiple independent spreadsheets into one workbook.

It made sense to post it here so I can always grab it when I need it. Credit goes to Professor Excel for the VB script (

Sub mergeFiles()
    'Merges all files in a folder to a main file.
    'Define variables:
    Dim numberOfFilesChosen, i As Integer
    Dim tempFileDialog As fileDialog
    Dim mainWorkbook, sourceWorkbook As Workbook
    Dim tempWorkSheet As Worksheet
    Set mainWorkbook = Application.ActiveWorkbook
    Set tempFileDialog = Application.fileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)
    'Allow the user to select multiple workbooks
    tempFileDialog.AllowMultiSelect = True
    numberOfFilesChosen = tempFileDialog.Show
    'Loop through all selected workbooks
    For i = 1 To tempFileDialog.SelectedItems.Count
        'Open each workbook
        Workbooks.Open tempFileDialog.SelectedItems(i)
        Set sourceWorkbook = ActiveWorkbook
        'Copy each worksheet to the end of the main workbook
        For Each tempWorkSheet In sourceWorkbook.Worksheets
            tempWorkSheet.Copy after:=mainWorkbook.Sheets(mainWorkbook.Worksheets.Count)
        Next tempWorkSheet
        'Close the source workbook
    Next i
End Sub


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